Interested in bringing ADVi to your school campus?

Thank you for your interest! We know school counselors like you work hard on behalf of Texas students every day.

We created ADVi as a resource to any Texas student or potential student with questions about college. ADVi is available 24/7 and can answer many general questions about applying to college, the financial aid process (including FAFSA and TASFA), and college readiness.

Help your students get started!

Any Texas student or potential student (ages 13 and up) can text COLLEGE to 512-829-3687. High school seniors starting a freshman ApplyTexas application can also opt in through the application.

Once opted in, students can ask questions any time of day. If ADVi can’t answer a question, our team of highly trained advisors will reply. Our advisors are available between 8am and 8pm on weekdays and respond to student questions within 48 hours (usually much sooner!).

High school seniors will also receive proactive messages from us, reminding them about key steps and deadlines on the path to college. We’ll remind them about things like the FAFSA and TASFA deadlines, provide support for key steps like writing admissions essays and securing their financial aid, and make sure they take care of all those little steps (like vaccinations, housing deposits, and orientation) the summer before college starts.

If high school juniors or younger students opt in, they are welcome to ask questions anytime. However, they won’t receive regular campaigns until they reach their senior year. Parents and counselors are also welcome to opt in and ask questions, but won’t receive regular messages from ADVi at this time.


Ready to share ADVi with your students? Our toolkit will give you what you need to get started.

Welcome Letter

Just getting acquainted with ADVi? Check out this welcome letter from our team to learn the basics. 

Ways to Share ADVi

Download this helpful guide with “copy-paste” language to help you share ADVi with your college-bound students.

ADVi Promo

Download these graphics to share on your campus or on your social media channels.

Request a Presentation

Want to learn more about ADVi and meet members of the project team? We’re happy to provide a 30- to 60-minute presentation to interested districts, ESCs, or other groups. To learn more or to schedule a presentation, email Samantha Kimmel at Samantha.Kimmel@highered.texas.gov.

Other tools to help you on your path to college and beyond: